An artical from One of Teachers

Dearest Darling Friends,
If you were to ask Michael Cruise, the most decorated achievement in the history of humanity, what’s going on in his head before a competition, he would say he’s not really thinking about anything. He’s just following the routine. However, it is not the complete picture because he is seriously thinking about change which is also going to benefit his future in the next generation.

We Live by “Let’s Inspire” for we are committed to “Work with Passion”. We want to “Make a Difference”. We will always be “Forces of Goodness”. Mr. Anatoli Ssentamu, the founder of Byana Mary Hill orphanage home, has been conducting inspirational training programs for people from all walks of life, for more than 10 years. People who have attended his training programs vouch for the impact it created enriching their life.
Join us in our endeavor to fill this world with ‘Forces of Goodness’. Join us in discovering and developing ourselves as people who proclaim loud and clear, through actions, intentions and behavior, ‘Let’s Inspire’.

Everything else today day is victory and as per plan. The leaking goggles are a minor deviation. Byana Mary Hill was mentally prepared for this one.Each time we have a positive intention, we are moving into higher energy. Each positive thought creates more positive experiences. By allowing volunteering into our lives, we are also creating more opportunities of moments to enjoy. We are stating that no matter what happens today, it will be joyful. In order to achieve this goal, we need to develop and fine-tune our radar on having positive intentions of helping Byana Mary Hill throughout the day. If you have a positive intention and notice that it would result into a joyful or peaceful outcome, it is an indication that you can volunteer and re-apply your intention with us as we put it into action to hep the new generation in Byana.

In order for us to experience great change, we need to see things from a positive point of view. Enjoyment exists in the realm of VOLUNTEERING. To be in the energy of enjoyment, means we make a decision, which is moving into courageousness. Then we need to accept that YES we can have an enjoyable day experience today. At the end of the day when we look back and we see, “Yes, today was enjoyable!” We know that occurred simply because we held a positive intention for everything we did.

Tremendous gifts exist within each of us. Volunteering is a natural occurrence that results when we embrace enjoyment into our lives. Each positive intention creates momentum. Momentum allows us to keep letting go of the negative and therefore allows us experience more and more joyful experiences. Make the a “give back” today to experience total enjoyment in every area of your life.

We have tried hard to do  the best for the good of the school, not just for our beneficial but for the good of the school.The kids are happy with what they are just because of what we are.Its harvest time and we are happily getting it out of the garden as the kids do it energetically with self possessed love to really prove that they are what they meant to be. Love to volunteer should be our topic and order of the day.

Do you have any winning habits that you would like to share with us? We would love to know and love to learn. In the mean time as we develop our ‘great’ habits, i will certainly share it with all of you, my darling readers…Thanks….
With loads of love, prayers and best wishes,

Mr Mike ByanImagea MaryHillImage