November Update!!!

Hello everybody! We do apologize for being so quiet lately.

Let’s catch you up on what is new and what is still to come! 🙂

On the third of August, we had some delightful visitors! They were children from the “Girl Be Project” of Kabalagala ( and the “Butterfly Street Circus”, from Kosovo, and they gave us a wonderful show. It provided our kids with the chance to meet some of their peers and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Our choir and dance class also performed for them. It was a perfect exchange of art and talent!

The first of the volunteer huts were completed just a few days before the guests arrived, and they took fantastic photographs that we would like to share with you!

While we are on the subject of the volunteer huts, there is spectacular news for our future! We are pleased to announce that a group of 20 volunteers from Canada will be joining us next May to assist in the construction of a new Doctor’s clinic and sick bay!!!

We will continue completion of two more volunteer huts to accommodate them. This is brilliant news, as anyone who has visited Musawo Aloysious’ clinic knows this is long past due. The new clinic will improve the health and life of our bright students and devoted staff, as well as provide services to the villagers living in the area, bringing a new source of income to Byana.

In other news, September marked the 15th anniversary of Byana as a school! A huge celebration was thrown. It coincided with our Director’s wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the convent, so as you can imagine, it was the part of the year!!!!

On Monday, the 4th, our students sat for their PLE’s, and our baby class graduated to P.1! Congratulations to them, and thank you to our precious teachers and staff.

Enjoy the pictures! We hope this has found you in good health and great spirits. Thank you to everyone for sending Byana your love and encouragement. Slowly but surely, things are improving. 🙂