Pablo’s Love In English :))))


There is much to say about these two months many memories, experiences and anecdotes, but do not come will relate the newspaper that I never wrote. No I come to speak of how amazing it was such and such a thing, nor from that day did that other. I come to convey a feeling, a memory in the form of idea. The idea of ​​our much-needed aid, all, in this humble school lack of resources but eager for any excuse to smile. You can play multiple roles there: you can work in the orchards, construction, lecturing … well, whatever, but I assure you that happier make them is the simple fact that you’re there, you’ve decided to spend that time with them. That more than anything makes them feel valued and loved.
In short (you’ll have things to do), that very little can do a lot. Just put a little heart to life. So I encourage all of you to visit the place; either one week, two to four months. You see how in the end feel that you are who you should give thanks. And I take to do from here, to thank all those people who made ​​me feel welcome and like one. No need to name names, they know who they are.
You can always write to you please to share experiences or ask anything related to school. It will be a pleasure to chat with you.
Greetings all,


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