Volunteer story at byana #1

I visited Byana Mary Hill in the summer of 2010. I accompanied a student group from the University of Utah, where we were visiting rural Uganda and studying public health.

Byana Mary Hill will always have a special place in my heart. The children were so warm and very interested in spending time with us. The educators were friendly, and happy to answer our many questions. The location was beautiful, and more hospitable than I could have imagined! We were treated to a buffet lunch, musical program, and tour. It was so memorable! (Some of our members even went to church services!)

While I was there I was followed by many children, but specifically remember being shadowed by a particular child. This little angel took my heart! If I did not have kids of my own waiting home for me, I would have been tempted to stay. Visiting Byana Mary Hill, one can tell the children are well cared for and given a lot of love- this child was so warm and affectionate, it was amazing. We did not speak one another’s language- but we understood one another. I cannot describe what a life changing experience this was for me, and how much it helped me grow as a person.

If you are looking to expand your horizons…
If you are looking for yourself…
If you are seeking more out of life…
Go there.

The experience will not be easy, but it will stay with you forever. Go! See what the world offers. See that there are other ways of life that are beautiful, unique, and wonderful! See what it is like to serve your fellow human beings in a safe and loving environment!

When my children are older, I will bring them to Byana Mary Hill. I have no doubt that they would love it there! I would recommend going there to anyone who is looking to serve in rural Uganda, or anyone who is interested in visiting a truly beautiful and unique place! There are English speakers at the school, and they are very happy to welcome volunteers. Volunteering would be appropriate for nearly every age! It really was wonderful, I cannot say enough about it!

Mellissa R. Smith

University of Utah Study Abroad Program ParticipantImage

Here are some snapshots of the great time she had serving with us!

Here are some snapshots of the great time she had serving with us!


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